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Find any song with this free app

Shazam is a free utility tool that helps you discover the name of any song playing around you. The app, which has been around for years, has just released a new version for macOS computers. This version of Shazam runs non-stop for up to 5 hours in the background to identify all sounds that are within range of your PC’s speakers. The great part is that once you download the app on your Mac, you no longer have to ‘tap to Shazam’, as the app will do everything on its own! 

What does the Shazam app do?

Shazam is a useful application that can help you find the name of any song with a single tap. Its trademark blue screen with a white circular button has been available for various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. However, Shazam for mac OS has just arrived and contains a range of features that aren’t yet available on other platforms. 

Once you download and set up the Shazam app on your macOS computer, you’ll see it affixed as a small icon on the desktop and menu bar. After you open the application, there’s hardly anything that needs to be done. Shazam will start working in the background and identify everything that plays in its vicinity. 

How does the Shazam app work?

As soon as it launches, the Mac version of the Shazam app starts running quietly in the background for a maximum of 4-5 uninterrupted hours. During this time, the application collects all the sounds that it hears and matches them against its database. The app also features a countdown timer that you have to reset manually after the background timer comes to an end. 

Since the app listens to almost everything, the company has issued a privacy document explaining what the application records and retains. This document states that although Shazam listens to music, sounds, as well as conversations, it only stores music that matches with its database

Everything else is discarded to make sure users feel at ease at all times. 

Alerts with a pop-up

The moment Shazam for Mac identifies a song, it sends out a pop-up notification, sliding in from the top-left corner of the screen. If you click on this notification, you’ll be taken to an app page where it displays the name of the Shazam song, along with the name of the artist, playlist, and album. Shazam also provides a link to iTunes, so you can easily buy the song and store it on your PC. 

Does the Shazam app keep track of all songs?

In a scenario where you miss the pop-up notification sent out by Auto Shazam, you need not worry. All the sounds that the app discovers get stored on the app’s music history page

You can access this page from the dropdown menu available on Shazam. As soon as you open the page, you can find the names of the identified Shazam music, as well as a link to see more details, like lyrics and music videos, on the title's webpage. 

Can I change the settings of Shazam?

In case you don’t want pop-ups to interrupt your work, you can turn off the notifications setting for good. Additionally, you can toggle with the settings such that every time you log in to your Mac, the app turns on as well. Other than these two options, there isn’t much, which you can change on Shazam. 

The app also features icons for Twitter and Facebook

However, you can only use these social media networks to let people know that you’re using the Shazam app. Currently, the app doesn’t offer the functionality to share the name of the song or playlist that you’re listening to via Shazam. 

Is the Shazam app free?


The Shazam app is free to download and use. It works to identify songs playing in the background or on applications like Instagram and Snapchat installed on your phone.

In case you don’t have a subscription to iTunes, various other applications work with Shazam, including Spotify and Apple Music

Another similar app to Shazam is Tunatic. It helps identify songs directly from your PC. 

Identify any song with this useful app

There are times when you come across an amazing song that you wish you knew the name. In such a situation, you can either ask someone to identify the tune or simply tap on the Shazam app on your phone. But, the Mac version of the Shazam app does it better by performing the actions automatically. 

Once switched on, the app works in the background, listens to all sounds, and curates a list of songs that it identifies

Anytime you’re curious about what’s playing, you just need to open the app and play the song. It’s that simple! 


  • Free to download and use
  • Always on Auto Shazam mode
  • Works uninterrupted for hours
  • Doesn’t record conversations


  • Occasionally stops working

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Shazam for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.10
  • 3.6
  • (113)
  • Security Status

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